Midwest Soul Xchange – “New American Century”


Sung straight from the heart, Midwest Soul Xchange’s “New American Century” is an emotional journey. A narrative guides the album forward towards gentler pastures. Glimmers of hope peak their way throughout the careful delicate arrangements. Country, folk, and pop merge into a tasteful whole. Elements of Fleet Foxes are apparent throughout the album as their vocals are just as concise and crystal clear. Ryan Summer and Nate Cherrier work wonders throughout the album with impeccable arrangements.


On “Set a Course for Common Worlds” is full of cheery optimism. The country twang courtesy of the harmonica and the swinging rhythms start the album off on the right note. Slow and powerful is the muscular synthesizer-led work of “Roots”. Hard-edged is the dramatic twists and turns that mark the journey of “Truth Attention”. “Revolt of the Guards” serves as the expansive and expressive center of the album. Here the highly articulate lyricism of Ryan Summer and Nate Cherrier work well with the dusty organ vamps. By far the highlight the song absolutely draws the listener into their own peculiar world. Stripped down is the charming acoustic folk of “Kings Among Kings”. Atmospheric in tone is the eerie grandeur of “She Flies”. Celebratory in nature is the fanfare of the playful “Has Anybody Seen Bob”. Bringing the album to a close is the restrained slow build of “Four Score and Seven to Go”.

With phenomenal lyricism and a great attention to detail, Midwest Soul Xchange’s “New American Century” points towards a glorious future.


Posted by Beach Sloth