Rebecca Jade – “Weather The Storm”


Fantastic single from Rebecca Jade! After a brief, static-filled vocal-sample that cleverly drifts into the main synth-piano melody…RJ starts to sing sweetly…with a classic-vibe that goes all the way back to the first confident-female voices to grace the microphone in our music’s history. And as if on cue, the reliable bass-groove and solid drumbeat come drifting-in like a gentle-wind on “Weather The Storm.”

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It’s really an admirable and remarkable effort that Rebecca Jade has put in here…I don’t think she’s making an attempt to over-modernize or update this classic-sound so much as she is truly honouring and respecting the style with flawless-precision. She sounds gorgeous, committed, confident and passionate…if this was the voice I had to listen to while I was stuck inside waiting to “Weather The Storm” – I’d be all like, LORD LET IT KEEP A-RAININ’!

Seriously…I wouldn’t want it to end. Noah could come by with his big ol’ ark and I’d be all like, ‘nah man, I’m good right here.’

Besides…in all honesty, there’s an extremely good chance that it has been way too long since you’ve heard a song in this smooth, velvety, 1950’s-ish style from a female voice without the attempt to update it to today’s top-40. You’d have to search through your radio-dials and your parent’s record-collection or…heaven-forbid…know your musical history a little in order to find a similar sound as to what Rebecca Jade is doing now. And again in all honesty – I think this is actually going to work for her…big time.

Not only does she sing with a bold confidence & sweetness to her tone, but I think that people are going to hear “Weather The Storm” and realize just how much their lives NEED a timeout like this song offers the mind. What Rebecca Jade has recorded here on her new-single…is an audible form of peace & clarity…heck, perhaps even therapy out there for some of us that require it! But the beautiful way she sings combined with the uncomplicated, gentle rhythm & sway of “Weather The Storm” is undeniably intoxicating all the while showing a depth of talent & genuine emotion. I suppose my point is that even though you’ll feel like you’ve heard something like this before somewhere in the back of your mind, that if you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate Rebecca bringing it back to the forefront of your thoughts. She has an extremely comforting, warm and inviting tone that glides along this melody and soars with sweetness & beauty…it truly is a pleasure to hear her sing.

To be truthful…I hope this gem stays as polished as she is right now; Rebecca Jade is stunning and sparkling on “Weather The Storm” with a truly classic vibe that needs no update whatsoever. The bass-line will bring a smile to your face…everything about this song will really. It’s one of those rare magical moments in music that can bring you right back to memories you never even had yourself…errr…I suppose some of you call that imagination and such…but you get what I mean. A song & style as well-executed as this is will let your thoughts wander right alongside it, allowing the music to become the soundtrack to your mind.


And what an extraordinarily beautiful place this world would be if we all had Rebecca’s voice in our ears.

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