Ivan Iusco – ‘Transients’


Bold and beautiful, Ivan Iusco’s “Transients” is a powerful work. Elegantly weaving together electronic and classical elements, the pieces teem with life. From the incredible sweeping swings to the propulsive intense beats, everything works wonders. Stylistically the sound ranges from Max Richter’s subdued sounds to the labyrinth of patterns typically heard from Autechre. Whatever ultimate approach Ivan Iusco takes his work reflects an extreme attention to detail, with patterns layered on top of patterns resulting in tapestries of sound.


“Resurrection” begins the collection off on a quiet note. Echoing strings introduce the piece. Such a mellow introduction makes its buildup into a martial-like triumphant ode much more joyful. A sense of play permeates the giddy “Mobilis in Mobili” complete with beats weaving in and out of the mix. Tense in nature “The Arrival” refuses to calm down, with staccato sounds further emphasizing the uncertainty. Absolutely maddening is the agile “Unformed” whose mechanical stutters are reminiscent of Autechre’s “Confield” work. Easing up on the industrial hymns is the classical/techno balance of “Pseudomatter”. Overwhelming textures take hold on the hyperactive work of “Circuitless feat. TyingTiffany”. Neon-hued the sounds fold onto themselves creating a hysterical wild work, by far the highlight of the album. Offering a respite of sorts things move back to calmer pastures with the dreamy “Sun”. Ending things on a dramatic note is the colossal work of “Unconquered”.

Clever with carefully crafted sound, Ivan Iusco’s “Transients” is a wide-ranging impressive album that deftly avoids classification.


Posted by Beach Sloth