Stylish and sophisticated, Delta Deep’s self titled debut is an undeniable triumph. Effortlessly blending elements of jazz, rock, and soul with the heart of the blues underpinning it all, the effect is dazzling. Tying it all together is Debbi Blackwell-Cook’s powerful vocals restrained and rollicking often within the same song. Behind her is a band that nicely plays to her strengths from the muscular drum (Forrest Robinson) and bass (Robert DeLeo) combo to Phil Collen’s blistering guitar work.

“Take Me Home For Christmas”

Blasting through with intense physical energy of “Bang the Lid”. Debbi Blackwell-Cook’s delivery is fiery and the guitar work sounds positively possessed. Right after this is the lounge number of “Whiskey” showing off their gentler, more atmospheric side. Loud, unbelievably loud, is the careening work of “Down in the Delta”. With an infectious groove is the poppy work of “Miss Me” with a chorus that is an absolute joy. Stretching things out a bit is the mellow vibe of “Private Number”. Playful in tone “Feelit” is full of sunny optimism as the song is completely celebratory in tone. By far the highlight of the album is the closer “Mistreated”. For this song they let it all out: the vocals the guitars really everything soar towards the heavens. Towards the end of the song Delta Deep descends into absolute chaos displaying their undeniable chops.

Delta Deep more than pays rock n’ roll’s debt to the blues; it is an undeniable force of nature.

Posted by Beach Sloth