C’nky Siwela – ‘My Name in the Echo’


C’nky Siwela has a video for his single, My Name in the Echo. Siwela has gained a new fan out of me. Reigning from South Africa this young flautist infuses a pop dance tune with a powerful emotional concept.

Video Link:

I watched the video countless times and it brought a mixture of tears and joy, yes I am a sucker for a happy ending, so hang in there the smiles do come eventually. It is a solid production, both visually as well as musically. Driving beats taking you from one sentiment to the other to the point you feel like you know the characters in the video and you are praying his prayers are answered.

“I can hear my name in the echo, he sings, are you calling out?'” It is heartfelt and endearing. The dance mix gives it the uplifting feel that satisfies your aching heart. He has soothing vocals that are a perfect prosody for the tone of the song.

C’nky Siwela outdid himself in this video, My Name in the Echo. I love it and was thoroughly impressed with the concept used to sell the song. Never felt so many emotions in a 3 minute span, it creates an enthusiastic reaction you cannot control. He put it all out on the line, and the end results are astounding.

I rate this 5 out 5



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