Pandora is an online radio station and an immense music hub from where you can listen to your artist tune with the lyrics. Pandora is the best wellspring of listening music online. Every artist`s music are accessible here. You have to look for your artist and after that Pandora will do the rest. It`s truly delightful experience to utilize Pandora.

The Pandora is most utilized site as a part of USA however it`s not accessible in nations outside USA because of some permit constraints. The audience members outside USA cannot get to Pandora and there is no option (as indicated to the site). I’m really a great fan of Pandora so just got this new way to use Pandora. Today we will discuss how to listen pandora radio in canada & worldwide.

You just need to install an extension to use Pandora outside USA.

• If you are using Chrome Browser then you just need to install HTTPS EveryWhere. You can install it from Once you open the link, you have to click on for chrome and allow it to get installed.
• If you are using Firefox Browser then you have to use install HTTPS EveryWhere from the link provided in the above step. Once you open the link, you have to choose Firefox and install add-on. After completing this restart you browser.

After all these you have to register for Pandora outside USA. To register you have to follow the following steps:

1. You have to enter the email address.
2. Enter you date of birth and make sure that you enter such date of birth, so you would be 18+.
3. Enter USA zip code. For example, you can use 16046. This is an USA zip code.
4. Click on register and enjoy.

This new way will definitely help the overwhelming Pandora audience members outside USA. You can even purchase your songs if you wish to for iPhone and CD from Amazon.

If in case this doesn’t work in your country so don’t be upset. There are so many other ways to access Pandora outside USA. We can use browser based VPN to access Pandora. Despite the fact that there are numerous VPN organizations that offers 1-2 weeks of free trial for their VPN administrations, we lean toward the program based VPN add-on because they are easier to install and doesn’t require any knowledge of OpenVPN, PPTP etc.

1.ZenMate: It is a browser based VPN. It acts as a proxy between you and the website so that the website gets our location based on the VPN server that we are connected to. It connects us to Romanian server and from there we can easily change our location to US by clicking on ZenMate icon.
2.Browsec: It is the other option instead of ZenMate. If in case ZenMate is not working we can try Browsec. To access Pandora through this, we have to change the location to US by clicking on its icon.
3.Hola: Hola is a much quicker browser extension that just visits limited site by their VPN servers. This does not require any verification if you login from different countries. To get to the utilizing Hola, click on the Hola symbol, move your mouse cursor over to the “Top well known sites” which will transform into an editable box, sort and press Enter key. Hola will browse Pandora from United States.

All these tricks are working fine in many countries. Hope it will work in your country too.