There are lots of different reasons that you might have music to promote. There are the classic ones, for instance if you’re a musician or an engineer/producer. But there are other reasons as well. Maybe there’s a song that’s part of a movie, for instance, and you want different avenues to get to people.

But regardless of your reasoning, you’ll probably find that music promotion is a tough gig, because so many people are doing it all at the same time. So what are some ways that you can stand out? Consider the following five tips.

Learn the Basics of Digital Marketing

In today’s world, in order to do any sort of modern promoting, you have to understand the basics of digital marketing. You’d be surprised how far the history stretches back, and that’s why it’s so important to give the topic more than a cursory glance. The further back and more in-depth you look, the more you’ll understand the holistic patterns involved, and the greater your chance of succeeding in your own promotional endeavors.

Knowing Your Audience Is Key

Of primary consideration, with all the racket and noise in the promotional world, is to know who your audience is. What demographic are you going after? If your net is too wide, you’re not going to catch anyone, whereas if your net is too small, you won’t get enough people to bite. The key is to find the balance between interest and interested, and that is one of the best equations for success that you can find in the promotional world, especially when it comes to music.

Interact with Others

If you learn the rules of social media interaction, and play your part slowly and intelligently, you’ll find that success will follow at the appropriate rate. There are no shortcuts, and there are lots of mistakes that you can make, so the better that you know your end goal, and the more intelligently you play the promotional game pieces, the better you’ll do.

Use All the Available Platforms

As far as music goes, there are dozens of high quality sonic platforms available, and you should use all of them for the greatest exposure. You can go through the list and find iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, Beatport, and many, many other that put your music out there for people to search, and each platform has its own rate.

Follow the Metrics

When the numbers start coming back to you about who is listening to what, you should pay close attention. This in fact, is one way to figure out if your target audience is the same as the audience that is actually paying attention to your material.