Xavier Toscano – “Apologies Wasted”


Apologies Wasted is a pulsating pop hit, with pumping bass and electric sound. With over 400 subscribers on his YouTube Vevo account Xavier Toscano is making moves with his Top 40 inspired tracks. In the Apologies Wasted music video his thumping beats are accompanied by nicely choreographed dance numbers. This song is family friendly and fun. This is something that I would definitely play while babysitting my niece to drain her energy. A lot of songs on the pop charts today are enticing but are not appropriate for the younger audience. This song brings the same pop feel but with more appropriate lyrics.

Video Link:

This is exactly what Toscano is trying to do with his music, create Feels Good Music as his most recent album is entitled. Music that makes you feel good is hard to come by, especially in a market that is dominated by heart wrenching pop ballads. But Toscano is doing his best to bring music that lightens the heart and fills the soul.


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