Rebecca Hosking – ‘A Few Broken Pieces’


Rebecca Hosking is making strides in the country music world. Based in Nashville, she has been paying her dues for some years now. Becoming more and more known throughout her years she is becoming a very popular indie country star in the music community of Nashville. She even has had 5 songs in the top 10 “most requested” songs on Sound Machine Radio.

Her songs beckon to the earlier days of country giving simple twang that is soothing to the ear, her voice has somewhat of an Alanis Morsette tone to it which gives her music that indie feel. In her lyrics it is clear that she is not going to stop until she achieves her goals as a country artist. In her song “No Reason,” she exclaims, “I’m still kicking and I’m still winning.” Proving that she is going to make a spot for herself on the country charts. Currently Hosking is working on promoting her new album A Few Broken Pieces which was produced on her own label LoveLyod Music.

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