Prior to release tomorrow, London brothers Over Sands have revealed a third track from their self-titled debut EP. Two Cranes has just gone live on the soundcloud whilst their free entry debut show will be held on the 25th of November at The Sebright Arms. Two Cranes arrives the day before release, a hugely considered and expansive track, meloncholy, yet curiously uplifting.

“Two Cranes began life in a cold, dark railway arch in south London. It was really just a title and a drum loop. Only when we left the city a few months later to write and record in a beach house on England’s east coast did the idea became a fully fledged song. Written over the course of a day, we couldn’t have predicted the extent to which our surroundings would influence the sound and feel of the track. Looking back, it couldn’t have been made anywhere else.” (Over Sands)