Lauren Marsh announces the second single off of her upcoming EP, Veracity, due out January 22. Titled “Wildfire,” this track delivers an Adele-flavored ballad that begins with sparse piano chords, but comes into its own as a gargantuan falsetto-and-synth driven machine.

Don’t let the sparse piano articulations that introduce the track fool you–driving kick drum and toms soon enter, carrying the melody and lyrics to a bombastic and triumphant liftoff. Marsh comments that the lyrics are about the idea of being surrounded by literal wildfire, and that not getting in the way of love; this song is a powerful realization of that. The piano, much like the drums, soon becomes the booming foundation for ethereal synths and guitars. All of it charges forward decisively as Marsh declares her battle cry, that “as crazy as things are, I’ve got enough to give to you.”