Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders – ‘Go By Myself’


Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders offer a cinematic experiences on the grandeur of “Go By Myself”. Narratives are tied together quite wonderfully throughout the album. Songs teem with energy. Everything matters within the songs from the anxious tension that rests beneath each song to the strong vocals that rise above the din, the songs express a sense of hope. Chops are impressive and the guitar licks found throughout the album give of a sense of passion.

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“Go By Myself” opens up with the an early album highlight “Beat Down and Broken”. For this piece Billy Roberts sings a song of desperation, as he goes through the same problems again and again. Keeping up with this same level of energy but imbued with a sense of purpose is the defiant “Hard Times”. Wonderful saxophones introduce the lush work of “Driving”. With an absolute gargantuan beat is the muscular “Who Do You Think You Are” which possesses a strong driving rhythm. Opting for a gentler touch is the contemplative work of “Kayla”. As the piece gradually blooms it reveals the softer side of their sound. A sound vaguely reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins is built into the dreamy “Forget About Me”. Bringing the album to a hushed close is the tragic finale of “Goodbye Old Friend”.

A true tapestry of sound, Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders create a truly epic country album on “Go By Myself”.

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