The video directed by Émile Vallée takes place in McCarthy’s hometown of Montreal and focuses on a simple concept of an everyday man in a city, hustling to work while making time for his life passion. “It’s really about a man and his struggle in living in today’s world, while also trying to find time for a passion. I think a lot of people, men and women, can relate to this,” said McCarthy. “However, we also wanted it to be a performance video as we thought it was important to focus on the actual song.”

Man of the City, which McCarthy describes as a ‘dance-rock’ album, features five songs all written, produced, and arranged by himself. “To me, dance-rock is music that is fun but also edgy, so the video collaborators and I tried to recreate the same tone for the video,” said McCarthy. “I feel like for my first album I was still trying to figure out my sound but with my new album, I feel like I found the kind of music I wanted to make and I hope my videos reflect that.”

“Man of the City” Music Video: