Jordan Royale – ‘Detox’

Detox Album Artwork_REVIEW

Jordan Royale’s “Detox” is a tight album: tight rhythms and tight rhymes. Gargantuan in scope Jordan Royale’s style dominates. From the careful muscular compositions to Jordan Royale’s powerful raps, everything comes together perfectly. Made to be played as loud as possible the songs come together perfectly from the dubstep-influenced beats to the raw vocals. Indeed Jordan Royale’s lyricism serves as the heart of the album with confidence teeming out of every pore. Many of the songs embody the zeitgeist with the duality of the online and offline life.

Jordan Royale – “Pornhub Anthem”

“Monopoly” opens the album up on a high note. With a slight wink the song introduces itself to the listener before playing with expectations, exploring the concept of the game. By far the highlight is the humorous “PornHub Anthem” where Jordan Royale celebrates the joy of self-love. Here Jordan Royale speaks of the world of the website going further and further down this need. Languid and dreamy is “Free” taking a more atmospheric approach. Going down this path is the tender work of “Chasing Stars”. With an extremely hard-hitting beat (bordering on industrial) the song shows off a softer side letting the song serve as an introspective interlude. Full of confusion and doubt is the anxious “Nobody Understands”. Ending things off on a cinematic note is the expressive “You Can’t Hide” possessing a heavy rhythm and wordless chorus.

Raw and unfiltered, Jordan Royale’s “Detox” is a cathartic release that speaks the truth.

Posted by Beach Sloth