Mleo – ‘Sunken City’


Mleo’s “Sunken City” has a California cool to it. The songs are sun-drenched. With low-slung grooves that are distinctly their own they embody the mellow comfort of early summer when the warmth is welcome. For throughout the album Mleo creates approachable indie rock, no mean feat for a genre that is often defined by its coldness and experimentation. On “Sunken City” Mleo opts for an interesting blend of funk and indie, blending the two into a melodic whole. By far the main feature are the strong vocals of Audrey Reed whose range is remarkable.

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With a kaleidoscope of color “Bury Me There” opens up the album in grand sweeping style. From there they rein it in opting for minimal, summery grooves. Tightly wound is “Round Two (If You Feel It)” whose playful sensibilities and sing-along choruses are truly marvelous. Languid in tempo is the bulbous bass line of “Paralyzed”. Restrained in tone is the lovely work of “How I Feel” whose dreamy atmosphere is in contrast to the more active soundscapes, a well-deserved campfire kind of song. By far the album highlight is the celebratory work of “Normal Guy”. Complete with a bouncy rhythm Audrey Reed’s delivery is just right. For the song’s final moments it completely lets loose to great effect. Ending things on a quiet note is the stripped down intimate sound of “Surrounded in Blue”.

“Sunken City” is a perfect album with a vast variety of styles all of them done just right.

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