Jerad Finck – ‘Criminal’


A significant populace might be wondering who this new kid on the block is. You might have heard some of his music, and you probably like it too, but you did not have any idea who the artist is. It happens at sometimes. I am a victim of that too. Jerad Finck is an American pop and rock singer and songwriter. He has been in the music industry for a few years now.

One thing that he is well known for in the music industry is that he made a breakthrough in the top 40 charts with his debut record “Runaway”. The interesting thing here for me is that he did this while he was an independent artist. The record topped a variety of charts for a relatively long while during the debut year, which was in 2011. After that, he got noticed by a couple of major labels. During this time, Jerad was also gaining popularity among his listeners.

He was using radio and the press to make his fans aware of his music. He was also doing a lot of touring. During the tours, he has curtained raised the events of some big names in his genre of music. Some of the big names that he has shared the stage with include the very talented Daughtry, the beautiful Christina Perri, Sister Hazel, Vertical Horizon, One Eskimo, Matt Hires, Ron Pope, and Cracker Tony Lucca among other very notable names. The hard-working lad has also done some big events. A few examples are; live in The Vineyard, Indie week in Toronto, the Rock Boat XII, and Hotel Carolina among others. Jerad’s music has also been featured in a couple of movies and a few shows on the HBO, ESPN and CBS. His music was also played in one of the finals in the NBA and the NFL.

So clearly, his music is a force to reckon with. People have a growing liking for his music. So this Extended Play, EP that he is releasing soon is definitely something that you ought to listen to. Having listened to several of Jerad’s songs, I can tell you that they are really nice to listen to. The EP by itself has six songs and here are my thoughts on some of the songs. “Criminal” is the first song in this Ep. It has been set to be the lead single on this Ep. That is something that I support wholeheartedly. And this is the reason. He has brought in David Hodges in on the track. This brings about a sound that we are well familiar with, but it is still a new sound. This is a very powerful and incredible song with very beautiful lyrics.

The second song that has felt pleased about in the EP is “Blood in water”. The song is still more of a modern pop type of song. It provides a sort of a light-hearted piece of dreamy soul. There is definitely something very soothing about this track. The sound quality is also very high. That track is closely followed by the good life. I see this as an appreciation to the far he has reached up to this point in his career. The fire proof and the rest of the songs on this EP have however not impressed me that much. I would rate them as okay songs. Do not get me wrong, they are good songs only that I do not see them topping any charts.

So go ahead and purchase some of the songs on the EP on iTunes or just have a listen to them on sound cloud. You will surely have a good time listening to them.


Review by Charity Leblanc