The Chords UK – ‘I Can’t Let Go’


“I Can’t Let Go” is a downright incredible piece of 70s British punk, nicely situated amongst the best of the Clash’s many hits. The Chords UK is aptly named for they are well-versed in tradition and expand upon it. Riffs are aplenty spread out. Everything fits in from the tight rhythms to the little touches. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance from the handclaps to the delightful breakdowns.

Right from the beginning the song comes barreling as the drumming serves as the backbone of the piece. The large brash sound serves The Chords UK well as they excel at that gigantic, catchy sound. Much of the song is downright infectious and irresistible. At times they sound positively classic as they have all the right chords, the right emphasis, and incredible chops. This paired alongside the carefully chosen lyrics helps to make it a pure joy. Volume is a must as this is a song that demands to be played as loud as possible. With the song moving forward at a blistering pace it is remarkable exactly how perfectly the band listens to each other and the interplay is gorgeous. By the song’s finale The Chords UK embraces this communal spirit. From the lyrics to the tone everything simply falls into place.

“I Can’t Let Go”

By referencing classic rock and then building upon it, The Chords UK show exactly how good pop can be with “I Can’t Let Go”.

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