Eighth Day Nation press_phixr

While the band comes from power/pop & alternative rock roots, they incorporate several different genre’s of popular music into their album. Eighth Day Nation is solidly based in the concept of every song is a single, that will just kick your ass.

The music video for “What I Keep” is an artistic triumph, thanks to the exceptional talents of director Matt Newman. Using a combination of scrapbook assembly and stop-motion filming, the video is a true homage to the sound and style of rock and roll. Old school guitars, drums, keyboards, amps, pedals, they’re all blasted on screen. On top of that there are bits and pieces of vintage horror and thriller comics, and of course, the animated version of Eighth Day Nation. It’s a lighthearted and nostalgic trip, but though they don’t take themselves too seriously, you better believe Eighth Day Nation take their rock and roll very seriously!