Sarantos – “You (Just) Don’t Have It”


“You (Just) Don’t Have It” possesses a sense of fun. With an infectious beat propelling the song forward, Sarantos displays great lyricism. The wit is undeniable as Sarantos sings from the point of view of the observer, of the one who is not impressed with pageantry. Here the lyrics focus on the idea that the individual lacks what they try to possess. Life for these individuals appears to be particularly blank as they focus on the style rather than the substances. By taking an observational approach to them Sarantos manages to accomplish great things throughout the song.


A gargantuan beat introduces the song. Vocal delivery is pitch-perfect. Lyrics here are downright devastating. Sarantos lets his narrative slowly come to develop a picture of a fully superficial individual. They are able to put on an effective appearance of who they want to be but not who they are. Hence Sarantos can see exactly how they want to be viewed but unfortunately they lack the deeper meaning necessary to engage in a meaningful way. Defiance manages to permeate the entirety of the piece as Sarantos explains how they require a sense of affection instead of going purely for aesthetics. By focusing exclusively on the outside they lose their appeal becoming merely shells. Utilizing a poppy sensibility the song is particularly bouncy, with an infectious hook that ties the song together.

Joyful and honest, Sarantos achieves a true triumph with the insightful “You (Just) Don’t Have It”.

Posted by Beach Sloth