Lozk – ‘Meaningless Words’


Lozk’s “Meaningless Words” positively teem with life. Reminiscent of Future Sound of London’s “Lifeforms” Lozk is able to create active electronic and organic sonic structures. By not overly relying on any one sound Lozk creates a psychedelic experience as the songs expand into the infinite. Mysterious at times and always surprising these are songs that are true celebrations. Additionally Lozk spends a great deal of time ensuring that the songs flow together. Indeed the songs work best when taken in as a whole. Elements of electronic, classical, and folk music weave their way into the mix creating a stylistically nuanced body of work.

Watch the video for “Han Sow”:

An industrial rhythm keeps the otherworldly opener “Amusaca” grounded. In fact this anchoring allows Lozk to incorporate passionate vocals and sweeping strings into the song giving it an all-encompassing feel. Fast-paced in nature is the hyperactivity of “Han Sow”. Taking a shadowier approach is the cryptic work of “Warimomba”. Slowing things down considerably in this piece Lozk lets the song unfold gradually. For its final moments Lozk lets that buildup crescendo into a lovely finale. Delicate in execution is the music box melody of “Oscuro” nicely paired with driving rhythms. By far the highlight of the album is the eclectic work of “Andafeal” which brings together all of his influences into a buzzing whole: from the guitar work to the careful percussion to the vocal delivery. It all simply works. Ending the album on a high energy note is the hypnotic work of “Amaramarea”.

Joyful, elaborate, and thoughtful Lozk creates a wonderful tapestry full of color on “Meaningless Words”.


Posted by Beach Sloth