Garth Adam – “This Time”


I’m a firm believer that our world turns because of melodies and moments like this one from Garth Adam. With his new single “This Time,” I’d be the last to say that this song is unique entirely…but for a brief moment here, I kinda want to examine that as really not a bad thing whatsoever, and offer a theory as to what does make a song like this unique. Bear with me…I’m rambling a little already in my brain but if I can keep up to my thought process I should be able to explain myself…

First of all, I should say this song appeals to my ears personally on pretty much every level I can think of. Opening “This Time” with an inviting melody that builds strongly through backing vocals before the additional instrumentation comes in to support; when it does, it chimes in perfectly. A simplified beat booms into this song to add just enough depth while subtle synth or keyboard sounds gently creep in amongst the guitar & vocals. And then…the piano…like the freakin’ cherry on top as if the track could get any better for me somehow than it was. Cascading into an increasingly powerful & strengthened sound, this song is as warm and comforting to me as that blanket was to Linus.

When “This Time” began I felt like the melody was comparable to the light-hearted moments you can find on the early records of Oasis and Coldplay…not the radio-hits, but the songs you probably still hold dear to this very day. The ones that had melodies that resonated within you like they had been a part of you all along…”This Time” is one of THOSE songs and the impact of this song is audibly memorable.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me explain what I meant in the opening paragraph. All I’m saying is, is a gentle, acoustic-rock ballad of sorts…and of course, we’ve heard many throughout our own experience and musical histories…and in that respect, sure, it’s not exactly ‘new’ to music despite it being an original song.


When you take a song like this…something with powerful emotion that can grip you and captivate your mind…and you apply this to LIFE, making this part of YOUR soundtrack, I guarantee this song will make a moment in your life so memorable it’ll be completely unforgettable. And that my friends, dear readers, dear pals…that’s what can make a song like this unique. A song like this was meant to share a moment in time with you and make a memory out of something meaningful that happens to you along your journey. This is that moment where everyone starts to sing along at random, exchanging glances of approval, comfort and acceptance around the Christmas Tree or campfire…on the bus with strangers…while it’s raining frogs in Magnolia with Tom Cruise…you know, that kind of magical moment.

Garth Adam has written an exceptional moment in time for me with “This Time” – and I thank him for it in advance. I’ve had an incredible time already listening to this sincere, sweet & flawless little tune…but I know that a song like this is meant for a moonlit night…a long drive to ‘anywhere’…or falling in love with my wife for the hundredth-time all over again and taking her to the spot we proposed and giving her the John Cusack ‘Say Anything’ treatment holding a ghetto-blaster over my head with this song playing…who knows what that moment will be…but it’s a song like “This Time” that takes it all to that next level. Music has an incredible capacity to burrow into your hearts and minds through its ability to weave into your memory…and played at just the right time in your life, “This Time” will allow you to go back to that moment any time you like, just by closing your eyes and listening.

I think Garth Adam has made an incredibly sweet song with “This Time” – it’s a perfect moment in music that fits on every playlist.

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