While many people dream of becoming a musician, most people assume there are limited career options. However, there are actually many exciting jobs available to music degree graduates. Below introduces five rewarding careers available to those with a music degree.

App and Software Development
As smart phones and tablets become as universal as laptops, the need for music apps and software is steadily growing. For example, there are apps that allow users to not only create and mix music, but also act as a DJ. In addition to this, there are complex software programs that teach students how to play instruments through tutorials and electric sheet music. Music degree graduates, who are passionate about technology, can combine their interests and work as a music app or software tester and consultant.

Arts Administration
An arts administrators represents the business and operational side of music. This includes marketing, management and public relations. There are a variety of entry-level jobs within an arts administration career. For example, grant writing, fundraising and coordinating events. Arts administrators are employed by a variety of organizations, such as museums, theaters and music companies.

Music Educator
Music educators work in different educational institutions, such as public schools, universities, private studios and religious organizations. Most music educators work in public or private schools teaching students music history, theory and how to play instruments. Helping students understand and embrace music will increase their self-confidence, cognitive functioning and spatial-temporal skills.

Freelance Musician
While most musicians prefer a stable job as an accompanist or performer, being a freelance musician offers freedom and flexibility unmatched by other jobs. Freelance musicians enjoy a high level of control over their job choices, where they work and who they work for. Keep in mind that the price of independence is inconsistent schedules and large workloads. However, anyone can independently complete an online masters degree of music education program to become a freelance musician while independently working.

Radio Broadcasting
While mobile phone technology is revolutionizing how we access and listen to music, radio stations are here to stay. Radio careers include disc jockeying, announcing, programming and administrative support. Radio DJs enjoy being able to share music, meet famous musicians and work in a casual environment. Music degree graduates with a fun and passionate personality will excel in the radio broadcasting business.

A music degree offers excellent career choices. These include app and software development, arts administration, music education, freelance performing, radio broadcasting, and even more options. Learn more about the benefits of music from National Geographic, here: