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Michael Pinder has classic rock and expert songwriting in his bones. As the son of The Moody Blues’ Mike Pinder, he has been in the art of music since his earliest days. For many years Michael performed alongside his brother Matt as a duo, but now has stepped out on his own with his brand new single “Searching For September,” not to distance himself from his exceptional catalog with The Pinder Brothers, but rather to continue on his journey of musical growth and exploration that can only be understood as a solo artist.

The video for “Searching For September” is a minimalist piece, appropriately setting the stage for Michael as a solo artist. The video consists of little more than tasteful shots of Michael seated on a stool in a glowing white room. Armed with nothing more than an acoustic guitar and a microphone it’s up to him alone to carry this weight. Not only does he do so with conviction, he brings the viewer deep into his world and before we know it, we’ve spent a quiet, enjoyable 4 minutes being treated to an intimate performance by Michael Pinder.