Heather Powell – ‘A Haze of Grays and Blue’


Heather Powell displays an impressive mastery of tender touching pop on “A Haze of Grays and Blue”. Influences abound but 70s soft rock a la Carole King appear to be the most prominent. The songs fit together perfectly as Heather Powell’s voice serves as the focal point. Elements of jazz can be find in the restrained drum work and the low key contemplative bass work. Keyboard work in particular helps to nicely emphasize the gentleness of Heather Powell’s silky vocals. With crystal clear fidelity Heather Powell employs fully realized narratives throughout the album, remembering better times and longing for something good again.

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The album opens up with the playful “Unexpected”. A sense of play prevails throughout the song as it unfurls ever so gracefully. Careful in its power is “Awaken Me” whose horns help to make it one of the album’s highlights. Starting off ever so quietly is the slow building power of the aptly named “Blue Night”. On “Falling” Heather Powell embodies a sense of love that is further conveyed by the soaring strings. Giddiness defines the nostalgic “Unstoppable”. Heather Powell’s lyricism bathes her past in a golden optimistic hues. “See Me” brings the album to a comfortable conclusion with elegant strings and a languid tempo. Heather Powell expresses a sense of tragedy as the song’s blues are prominently featured.

With the band’s casual grooves and airy melodies “A Haze of Grays and Blue” is an album that finds the beauty in the understated.


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