Bryce explains the video for “Ride with You” as directed by Devereux Milburn, “I was stoked that there was a director out there who responded to the darkness in “Ride With You.” It comes off as an uplifting, ‘I’ve got your back’ type song. Tying a guy to the roof of a car, walking around in the dark in a nightgown, and filming in a creepy mansion are the opposite imagery from what you might expect.“

The 18 year old native Texan Soren Bryce grew up listening to her dad’s classic-rock collection. She is a classically trained violinist as well as a self-taught guitar player (along with other instruments including piano, banjo and ukulele). At a young age Soren discovered what she refers to as “pissed-off folk,” such as Ani DiFranco and Ben Howard. Her uncommon maturity is evident as she writes visceral, emotionally intricate songs with beautifully crafted pop melodies. As a self-taught instrumentalist, she wrote her first song on the piano at the age of 7. At the age of 16, she relocated to Los Angeles to focus her energies on writing songs and earning a reputation in the music scene. She since has blossomed into a compelling performer. Soren presents her piano and guitar fueled songwriting in a soulful tone with slight vocal vibrato, an idiosyncratic style that reveals both strength and fragility.