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RC has always had his place with the other esteemed guitar whizzes in the blues/rock genre. Whether I’ve seen him solo or playing with others, he’s always given an emotional performance. This compilation will be released in various versions, 2 LP’s with a digital download card, 2 CD’s with a DVD, 2 CD’s and Blu-Ray, and also in the digital format. The first CD features 13 cuts from recent live performances with his band featuring Richard Cousins on bass, Dover Weinberg on keys, and Les Falconer on drums. The bonus CD captures material from RC’s career. The DVD is a mix of clips and interviews with stars that RC has been associated with.

RC has been a major presence in the world of R&B since the 70’s, but his mainstream appeal has mostly come from the movie Animal House (being the virtually unknown bass player in the party band Otis Day and the Knights), and then the crossover hit Smokin’ Gun. Ironically, his good friend SRV played Pipeline in Dick Dale’s band in the movie Back to the Beach. RC performed with Stevie earlier in the day of Stevie’s fatal evening helicopter crash. RC is known for his tasteful, clean sounding licks, accompanied by an ultra smooth voice.

The live disc features some song related introductory commentary. The band is joined by friends and guests Kim Wilson on vocals, Lee Oskar on harp, Steve Jordan on drums, Tom Scott and Trevor Lawrence on sax, and Steve Madaio on trumpet. Won’t Be Coming Home is a nice slow, haunting piece. Sittin’ On Top Of The World is RC’s version of the classic, assisted by harp player Lee Oskar. Wrap It Up is his take on the Sam & Dave classic. Bad Influence is a perfect ballad song for featuring RC’s voice and guitar work, reminiscent of a 50’s pop tune.

This is what you R&B and RC fans have been waiting for. Not to early to buy and save for that R&B lovers Christmas gift!

By R.M. Engelman