In the spring of 2015, a cult known as Cretus began working on new “outreach programs” that encouraged people to leave their homes and families to live at a commune in the woods of southeast Louisiana. Help us spread awareness of the Cretus cult to prevent others from being foolish enough to join.

Cretus uses modern science and established philosophy to legitimize their beliefs and encourage others to join. Their outreach programs include a band releasing music and videos throughout August and September 2015, a website and online community at, as well as a variety of social media outlets. Their next moves include a video being released on Monday, August 31, 2015 and an album coming out Friday, September 4, 2015.

To combat this, a new website has been created, From analyzing Cretus’ use of symbolism to keeping an eye on known activities, this site breaks down all aspects of this group. There is also a section for people to post messages encouraging those who have joined to return home to their families.

Spread the word and stop these animals.

If you would like to create a page for someone you’ve lost to Cretus, or if you would like to add a message to the page of someone you recognize here, please send an email to