Tamara Bubble – “Towel Boy” – Single Review


There is something oddly charming about this wild sexual escapade described in Tamara Bubble’s latest single “Towel Boy.” I’m not even quite sure I know what it is…there’s an incredible amount of smooth, sexy flow delivered with a ton of style. Not even remotely kidding here; Tamara is by far one of the most convincing voices you’ll hear on a microphone with the amount of confidence she puts into her delivery. This is a fine lady that certainly owns her sexuality and makes her presence known rapping sweetly through the sultry delivery on “Towel Boy.” It’s enough to send summer shorts crashing to the floor, believe me!

“Towel Boy” Audio:

And I’m sure you can bet the line-up to get a glimpse of this pop/R&B songstress is mighty long by now already…and it’ll only send the rest of the boys running her way once this new single fully breaks through. Good chance it will I’d say – Tamara keeps it uncomplicated and delivers these lines like a straight up list of expectations for the hot & wet nights to come. “Towel Boy” has a playful vibe that mixes piano samples and electro elements into one delicious swirl of audio-sexual entertainment.

Much credit to the production on this sweet-beat produced by KrazyFigz, this combination of talent between the lyrics, mood, music, performance and production is pure pop perfection. Great ideas in both the music and vocals…the vocal-flow is just epically smooth and Tamara delivers it with the perfect amount of emotion and tone to give it the exact…ummm….you know….that extra….’good vibe’ it gives ya. Yeah…that’ll work perfect…

I mean…if I’m just gonna spell it out, I’ll say it plain – male or female, this track will moisten ya!


Definitely a smooth rhythm you can easily get lost in. I think there’s a massive potential for this single to help Tamara Bubble break through based on how well it has all come together from every angle. It has a wicked old-school hip-hop rhythm & beat that really lets Tamara wander playfully through her rap verse, which is truly so strong it nearly outshines the chorus. That being said…those are some pretty damn irresistible hooks in that chorus and at the very least a coin would need to be flipped to determine which part of the song I love more.

The point being, it ALL works and the single is hot.

On a completely unrelated note…if Tamara Bubble ever writes the song “Towel Geezer (With a ridiculously hairy back and a face like a garden gnome)” consider me first in line to get it! My days as a “Towel Boy” are long over (never began really) but they’re not for some lucky stud out there; a hot single like this new one from Tamara is certainly bound to spark a large enrolment in the pool-cabanas this summer!

Find out more from Tamara Bubble’s official page at: http://tamarabubble.com/

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