Ordinary People – ‘Hero of the Doom’


Mixing the primal with the electronic, Ordinary People’s “Hero of the Doom” is an intense ritualistic recording. At times the pieces feel incredibly raw with simplistic hypnotic rhythms anchoring the otherwise menacing chaotic aural landscapes. Length serves an important purpose throughout the album: by letting the songs unfurl ever so gradually their cyclical nature gives them a sense of calm. At times the synthesizer experiments that dot the album resemble the retro-futurist leanings of Editions Mego Spectrum Spools sub-label.

Audio: https://ordinarypeople1.bandcamp.com/album/hero-of-the-doom

“Illusions” wheeze about unable to truly stay in one place. Almost always on the verge of collapse the song is uneasy and serves as an anxious introduction. For “Abducted” Ordinary People goes for an ambient rave-up, as the percussion goes through countless filters growing further and further away from reality. Going through the ringer is the menacing jam of “Diffusion”. By far one of the highlights of the album the piece simply threatens without devolving into that chaos. Elements of it are reminiscent of Pan Sonic’s equally intense sonic constructions. On the latter half of the album things calm down considerably. Thoughtful in tone is the exploratory “Erosion” whose deliberate pace works quite well. Absolutely beautiful in its dreamy tones is “Moon Tides” whose sound appears to simply evaporate away. Ending things on a mysterious note is the infinite work of “Strange Creatures”.

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“Hero of the Doom” is a transmission from another universe, one where instinct and electronics have fused to become one.


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