Tunsi – “Walk With Me” – Single Review


When you picture the greatest-of-the-greats in your mind – what do you see in your mind?

For me…not only do I see the incredible skills and talent of whatever people are involved, but a great many things that led them to their time in the spotlight. Combinations of atmospheres, attitudes and intense learning and perseverance all come together to reveal a moment in time that truly sparkles and shines like the perfection in a diamond. Would Michael Jordan have had the career he had anywhere else other than with Chicago? Possibly. How about artist Michaelangelo back in the day – would he have become just as inspired to paint the roof of any old shack as much as he was the Sistine Chapel? Could Steve Jobs have accomplished everything he wanted to on a PC instead of a Mac?

“Walk With Me”:

True talent and perfection is a reflection of being ‘right’ in the moment, not ‘right in the moment.’ The difference being that one carries a blend of universal harmony in everything around you…adapting the elements to your advantage and bringing out the best of everything else around you in turn. On his latest single “Walk With Me,” hip-hop artist/rapper Tunsi has found his moment with this incredible single that reveals the work of an artist that is thinking deep about his sound, style and message. With the incredibly dramatic & theatrical music he’s found to be the canvas to his vibrant lyrics and clever flow – Tunsi paints a thugged-out masterpiece on “Walk With Me.”


Not even kidding…I’ve listened to this track a whole shitload of times due to the absolutely intense atmosphere he’s created on this latest single. Soundcloud can often be a blessing for the next song automatically starting after the one you’re listening to…in this particular case once “Walk With Me” finishes off I keep jumping to like…some absolutely way-too-bright sounding electronica. And that’s not what I want right now after listening to Tunsi…this guy is living in a dark world and rhyming about gritty, dark times…and right now he’s got me hooked right into his sound; anything too light or friendly right now is simply not what I’m looking to hear afterwards. You hear a song like “Walk With Me” and it makes you want to go back & put on Training Day with Denzel out walking the street & getting it done.

“Walk With Me” really possess a back-alley melody and feel to it; with elements of danger and menace combining with smart lyrics and an absolutely killer vocal sample & beat…it’s about as inviting as those movie scenes where some representative of the Reaper seductively talks you into your own death. Like the moments before the car crash…or the final moments of the shot-clock running out…those pivotal and decisive moments that we face in life carry a soundtrack that sounds just like this in our minds. With a melody and flow that sparks up with emotion and a chorus-hook through the sample that sounds determined to claim your soul…this low-end beat really hits home and sounds authentically like its coming from an artist with real ideas to offer.

Big thumbs skyward for this new single from Tunsi…I’m not usually a huge fan of rap with lyrics deal with money & guns unless you can pull it off in a genuine style that sounds like the bullets once passed through you from one side of your gut and out the other. I think we really found a track that’s convincing today with Tunsi’s “Walk With Me;” you can hear the aggression in his voice rise-up to attack the right moments to emphasize in the lyrics and really makes this track hit home with a performance that puts the impact necessary right into the mic. Extremely addictive atmosphere in “Walk With Me” – you can’t help but picture each of these words as clear images in your mind…

Kind of makes you wonder if this artist hasn’t found his own Sistine Chapel right here doesn’t it? Tunsi is right in the pocket throughout his latest single “Walk With Me” and I’m totally excited to see where he might choose to take us in the future of his music. With the gift of atmosphere, texture and tone prevailing in victorious ways throughout this latest single…it’s a definite display of an artist that is clear ‘right’ in the moment and using every element in this song to the full-maximum.

Find out more from his official page at: http://www.paranarecords.net/artists/tunsi/

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