Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show No.1057


Starting the show off strong is Shayna Leign’s infinitely catchy “Last Criminal”. A perfectly composed piece of pop it hits all the right emotional notes as it dwells on the challenges of relationships. With a melodic progression that grows in intensity it is a beautiful work of art.

Lunden Reign’s “Love In Free Fall” follows in a similar saddened vein. For this song Lunden Reign’s work has a distinctly late 80s vibe to it. Her voice is a force of nature and serves as the heart of the piece. Guitar work has a distinct grandeur to it as the song careens forward with great energy.


“Apologies Wasted” reveals an extreme fondness for a dreamy dance pop that has begun to pervade the airwaves. Xavier Toscano’s articulate lyrics are impressive as are the electronic flourishes, with flirt with the dance floor and with classical conventions. The song sounds like the future of dance pop.

The Mrs. Band take a much different approach from those who preceded them. With a lighter touch “You Told Me” has a sense of optimism built into their lyrics. Full of wisdom and hope their song is a song of celebration.

Intense electronics introduce Yona Pax’s “Pretre Rosso”. Her elegant voice recalls the best of Jane Birkin’s romanticism. Melodies are subtle yet sophisticated. Halfway between electronic and classical, it has an experimental tone to it as the piece manages to match her passionate vocal delivery.

With a clear fondness for the summer jam is Barley Station’s “Younger Summer Memories”. Colored in a nostalgic hue the piece has a playful sound to it. The chorus is akin to a warm hug and is particularly satisfying after all the restraint they show on the piece. A relaxed groove rules over the piece giving a sense of inner peace and joy.

Bringing the collection to a close is the sophisticated humorous work of Cory Charles’s “If I Could Change Anything It Would Be You!” The song possesses an interesting lounge vibe to it and the entirety is reminiscent of Beck’s “MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack”. Like that piece this piece explores modern life and offers comments on the absurdity of socially acceptable behavior.

Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll returns to those early days of music videos when they were truly works of art.

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Posted by Beach Sloth