On today’s episode we have the talented Xavier Toscano. He breaks it down on what he is up to in 5 Questions!

1: Where are we talking from today and how is your summer going so far?

Hi, I am in San Jose, CA and my summer is going very well. Thanks for asking!

2: What season of the year would you say that you are most creative?

I can’t think of a season where I am not. I stay pretty busy cause I love what I do.

3: What are you promoting most right now?

I just released a video for my single “Apologies Wasted”. The video is out on VEVO (http://vevo.ly/3jQmw7)

4: How much time per week do you devote to your music and do you have work/school as well?

Around 40 hours a week if not more… It’s hard to say, but sometimes I put in a ton of time!

5: Where are you @ online and where we can follow you?

My web site is the first place: xaviertoscano.com