Lauryn Peacock releases the indie folk single “All My Mind” off her new album Euphonia. The album, produced by Peacock, incorporates orchestral arrangements by Joshua Stamper and is mixed by Daniel Smith (Sufjan Stevens). The new single balances wondrous piano and violin melodies accompanied by graceful orchestration, sonic experimentation, and unrepentantly joyful choruses.

“All My Mind” opens with a spirited piano, which fits hand in hand with Peacock’s echoey and lively voice that puts the record into a dance-like trance moving to the rhythm of love. The track plays around with all kinds of intimacy – and how it comes and goes in each of our lives. Peacock states the single showcases “commitment that exists outside of emotions, but not bereft of them.” “All My Mind” reminds us that emotions can be fleeting, but to never forget these emotions and the vulnerability of the heart that grasps out for love and commitment.