Blurring the lines between genres, the Feral Moans EP combines elements of blues, surf, and psychedelic rock with dynamic arrangements. A dualistic approach to songwriting means that darkness is equally as important as light, and the songs range in theme from the pang of relationships to the current decay of of freedom. Animal Omen’s soulful retro-rock relies heavily on groove, melodic riffs, well-placed hooks, and the occasional time-warping tempo shift.

Their knack for restraint, coupled with their habit to climb peaks and descend into warm reverb-laden valleys, is well exemplified on Feral Moans. Parts of the EP are even influenced by the earthquake that devastated Nepal in April, as two of the band members were trekking through the Himalayas at the time (60 miles from the epicenter), only to be abandoned by their guide at 15,000 feet shortly after the earthquake struck.