“Repeat” is a deeply personal and raw probe into a young woman’s emotional and spiritual exploration. She searches to understand the complexities of her emotions, fears, beauty, authenticity and grief. She offers the viewer a subtle glimpse of her delicate and discreet dance with existence. Dedicated to the Director’s sister, Stephanie Erin Brown (1982-2015).

“It’s was really fate that I connected with Evan. I got a message back in February to connect on Twitter from dreambear which led to an email and then a conversation with Evan,” explains Sye Elaine Spence. “We began chatting about a potential collaboration and the origins of my song (“Repeat”); which stems from the passing of my stepdad, my grief and handling the weight of this catastrophic loss. Evan then revealed that he had recently lost his sister (Stephanie, age 32, to whom the film is dedicated to), no more then a few weeks prior, and his reasoning of reaching out was because my music brought him and specifically his mother comfort and healing… I knew then that us connecting wasn’t happenstance.”