Optimus Rex – Embers


Optimus Rex’s “Embers” embodies the best of indie rock. Quite flexible their songs have an autumnal quality to them. Woven together the songs work best as a whole. Attention to detail means that Optimus Rex is able to move from folk to alternative rock to pop, all the while ensuring that the album’s tone is kept consistent. Lyrically the songs have a slightly cryptic tone as if they are enveloped in a smoky haze.

No song embodies this better than “Witch Hunt”. With nimble rhythm the lyrics focus upon the penchant of others to find scapegoats for their own failings. “Fate Smiles” is much more casual in tone with a particularly infectious melody. Slowing things down with “Gutless” Optimus Rex explores the downtrodden, the sadder experiences in life. By far the most active and loud, “Eyes Ahead” almost requires raising the volume. This is the highlight of the album with a more confrontational approach as the song pivots between smooth introspection and distorted energy. “This is Not a Door” shows off their ability to create delicate structures, as the piece feels akin to a whisper. Bringing the album to a close is the gentle lullaby of “Misery”.

“Embers” has a sense of nostalgia and wistfulness that flows throughout the album. To further emphasize this point even their cover art suggests a happier time kept in black and white to show how far they’ve come from those idyllic days. Optimus Rex has created a beautiful, emotionally packed album with “Embers”.

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Posted by Beach Sloth