Joey Flip & Aurora – ‘Release’


Joey Flip & Aurora’s “Release” is a silky smooth sound, one that effortlessly taps into the heart of the blues. Full of anguish the pieces nicely work off of each other, with the album overall coming together to create a truly fascinating narrative. Loss, longing, wistfulness, these work alongside the dreamy overall atmosphere that is created. Melodies glisten. Vocals are perfection hitting the right level of hope and sadness, effortlessly balancing itself between the two emotions.

A sense of humor permeates the casual groove of “Not for Me”. Serving as an anti-romantic song it is dedicated to all of those awkward relationships that are too difficult to end. For “I Can Tell” they begin with taut guitar lines as the piece reflects reflects upon longing. They use a light touch on the summery sounds of “Esta Noche”. Slowing things down considerably is the heat of “Mess Around” which feels like the soundtrack to the perfect passionate weekend afternoon. Dreamy in tone is the spaced-out work of “Rain” which feels at times otherworldly. Opting for heavy, very heavy percussion, is the industrial stomp/country hybrid of “Whipping Post” where atmosphere is as equally important as the piece includes guitar flourishes alongside the monolithic beat. Bringing the album to a satisfying conclusion is the clever work of “4th Street Alley”

“Release” gives a glimpse of what the future of the blues might be. It is a wonderful engrossing album.

Posted by Beach Sloth