Glamour Assassins – “Ain’t So Young”


Glamour Assassins remembers the sounds of the 80s and builds upon them on “Ain’t So Young”. Among their influences are the meticulous New Order and to David Bowie’s 80s glam rock era. This means that they write the kind of songs that stick in the mind long after they’ve ended. Melodies are sweet as sugar, the rhythms downright addictive. By keeping focused on aesthetics they are able to create an album that works best taken in as a whole.

Opening up with “The Day Rock & Roll Died” Glamour Assassins very quickly into a driving rhythm, with the guitars prominent in the mix. New Wave’s distant aesthetics are explored in full on “Phantom of the Disco” sounding remarkably similar to 80s revivalists like Holy Ghost! Hot hot heat rises for the taut work of “Sex Life”. Calming things down and having a bit of a wistful tone is the sweetness of the title track “Ain’t So Young”. Going for a full sound is the energetic work of “Scumbag”. A sense of play informs the song as it serves as one of the most hyperactive songs on the entire album. Clever synthesizer work anchors “Never Get Caught”. Ending things on a high note is the expansive “Hate Song Pt. II (Death or Love).

Far from merely an exercise in nostalgia for the well-remembered 80s, Glamour Assassins take the best of the past and filters it through a prism looking towards the future. What results in an album equal parts dance-friendly and emotionally affecting.

Posted by Beach Sloth