Doug Cash – ‘The Acoustic Rock Onslaught’


Doug Cash’s “The Acoustic Rock Onslaught” is aptly named for Doug Cash manages to create a full-bodied frenzied physical sound. Whether he opts for the fast-paced blitz almost punk-like performance of “Midnight Baby 2” or the slow, low-slung funk of “Love Thicka Than Blood”, he shows an impressive range. Lyrically the songs have a sense of optimism that permeates the album. Pieces have a delicate art-pop sensibility, half lo-fi and half grit, the two elements give the album a balanced feeling.


For “Beyond 3” Doug Cash hits his stride presenting one of the highlights of the album. With lyrics that celebrate moving forward past previous categories the song highlights the importance of togetherness. “Tips” takes on a quieter approach as pensive guitar strums linger in the air. Quite introspective the piece displays Doug Cash’s true talent for form. Yet another side of Doug Cash’s work is shown through this piece that would sound timeless, as if it could have been a long-lost Nick Drake track left dusty for decades. Without saying a word Doug Cash is able to create a piece of work that is deeply moving. Hope returns on the sweetness of “Tame My Thoughts”. Ending the album off on a dreamy note is the sunlit ‘Wouldn’t It Be Much Easier 3”.

The Acoustic Rock Onslaught is a prism of sound neatly showing off the many colors of Doug Cash’s sonic universe.

Posted by Beach Sloth