Lawson Garrett – “Language Of Love + Culture Of War”


Lawson Garrett’s work explores the roots of American rock. Vocals are honest, pure, and representative of years of hard work. The arrangements are downright meticulous and the lyrics show off a level of craftsmanship that is hard to do right. Yet Lawson Garrett does it all right.

“Social Distortion (Facebook Parody Song)”

“Language Of Love” is the slower more atmospheric of the too. With a full back-up chorus the song has an elegant take to it. The rhythm recalls the best of earlier incarnations of rock. Delivery here is pitch-perfect. Lawson Garrett has everything sync up quite nicely from the casual groove to the careful piano work. Halfway through the piece his voice drops out to show off the impressive chops of his band. For “Culture of War” Lawson Garrett begins off with a rather jubilant tone, with the sarcasm dripping thick. At times the arrangements represent the rather playful ones that Van Dyke Parks employed to great effect. Here Lawson Garrett lets the sarcasm begin as his voice grows increasingly more and more worried, concerned about the investment into the culture of war. By the end the sarcasm has been stripped out to reveal the deeply rooted elements that permeate the US economy and prevent it from meeting its true potential, of self-improvement.

Put together, these two songs show off the impressive talents of an individual who can write a tender love song and just as easily write a song exposing the deep flaws within American culture. Yet each of these songs celebrates the distinct freedom that comes from the best of American rock, of expressing one’s mind and doing so in an entirely unique yet respectful way.

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