Ajay Mathur – “9 to 3”


Ajay Mathur’s “9 to 3” follows the tradition of classic rock while incorporating elements of modern life. This includes anxiety, the interesting left turns (a surf rock track called “Surfing Girl” that explores surfing the internet instead of actual surfing), and even a few delightfully smooth jazz-rock hybrids that recall Steely Dan at the height of their 70s powers. With such a wide variety of styles Ajay Mathur is able to accurately capture the best of a long-lost sound as he updates the subject matter.

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“Sitting By Your Cradle” opens the album on a boisterous note, as the song comes in swinging. The observational quality of the lyrics helps to emphasize a certain wry sense of humor. Much more stripped down is the slow burn of “Nothing Really Matters” whose sound feels raw, personal, and direct from the heart. By far the highlight of the album is the lounge-centric “Latin Lover” which sounds like a long-lost Steely Dan “Pretzel Logic” B-side. Moving towards more sensitive sounds is the lullaby of “Oh Angel” where Ajay Mathur explores atmospheric textures. Requiring the volume on full blast is the absolute pop confection of “I Song”, a song ideally suited for driving. “Password Love” moves quickly, with Ajay Mathur’s lyrical delivery helping to move it forward. Ending the album off on a high note is the infectious dance-groove of “I Mantra”.

Delightful, sunny, and full of optimism, Ajay Mathur’s “9 to 3” points towards a glimmering future, of an updated classic rock sound.

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