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P.J. was born in the tiny island of Antiqua before moving to New York’s Section 8 Park Hill Projects in Staten Island. Watching his mother hold down two and three jobs at a time was a smack in the face example of hard work. However he used rap as a means of escapism. He has applied many of his strict West Indian upbringing as a rule of thumb when it comes to loyalty. I mention this because PJ and his partner acquired a record label “Ellipse Group Records” but after hurricane Sandy struck his partner had to relocate but PJ never forgot. In fact he realized more that an attitude of gratitude goes a long way. As a solo artist on the label he has managed to become the face of the national 3 Point Tequilla campaign and is about to release his debut national music video on MTV Jams and TMZ. This highly awaited commercial video promo and exclusive interview with P.J., is being endorsed by CBS, iHeart Radio, Clear Channel and hosted by TMZ’s Rebecca Bradley. Having produced several mixtapes and a persistent attitude sprinkled with loyalty one couldn’t ask for anything more in an artist. “Go Pretty Girl,” is already picking up radio spins worldwide, and is scheduled for release later this summer and is set to reach over 100 outlets.

This isn’t just any dance track it has elements of dancehall but fused with swagger. P.J. mentions at the beginning that he is from Antiqua with a prelude of a hearty laugh. From the first few string plucks you know you are in for a ride. The chords entice you with a hypnotic beat that drives this song accompanied by “lift off plugins that give that jet effect.” In addition there are the catch phrases “like a scorpion give me a sting” and “show your flexy flexy.” This song is so visual that it literally leaves you wanting to whine. I predict that this descriptive single “Go Pretty Girl” is headed for the #1 spot.

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