Duncan Foley – “On Your Own”


Duncan Foley’s “On Your Own” is a comfortable reassuring album. Lyrically the songs focuses on the idea of evolution, of trying to constantly better oneself. The pieces heavily reference 70s rock, Cat Stevens’ work in particular. For like Cat Stevens, Duncan Foley lets his lyrics serve as the guide for the rest of the song. Arrangements revolve around these ideas, this constant sense of discovery.

“Ready For My Love”

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Bright guitars introduce the opener “What Have You Got”. Duncan Foley’s vocals are warm on this track and his lyrics emphasize the fact that no one is alone, that everyone has a support system. The stop-start strum of “Wasitu” sounds like a conversation with a friend to help rebuild their confidence. By far the highlight of the album is the dreamy work of “Rapture”. As the piece progresses it gradually grows larger and larger until the whole band joins into the sense of joy that permeates the piece. Capturing the imagery of growth is the thoughtful work of “On Your Own”. The full sound of “Ready for My Love” recalls the best of classic rock, as the song flies by in a defiant rush. Ending the album off on a playful note is the easy-going groove of “Ek Se” which brings everything to a reassuring conclusion.

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With his acoustic guitar and his impeccable band, Duncan Foley is able to create the kind of album that harks back to an earlier, more soulful time in rock.


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