Many Western men have found love dating Russian women using sites such as Because of increasing interest, several myths and superstitions have sprung up. Here are a few myths about beautiful Russian women, as well the truth behind them.

Myth: Russian women are only looking for a green card.

Many of the ladies on Russian women dating sites are not looking for a ticket out of Russia. In fact, they love their country. However, due to high levels of alcoholism and high unemployment among Russian men, it is hard for even hot Russian women to find a man who will make a good partner. Russian women on dating sites are almost always looking for love and companionship.

Myth: Russian women dating profiles are fake.

There have been concerns that the hot Russian women on dating profiles are not ‘real’, that the photos or profile information is fake. Any woman can post a profile on any dating site, so there is always a chance of a fake profile. However, Russian women are not more prone to this behavior. Russian women tend to have good genes and also to take care of their appearance, so the vast majority of the beautiful women in dating profiles are as real as you are. Moreover, big and reliable dating agency such as always meets their candidates in person and check all the information.

Myth: Men who visit Russian women dating sites are ugly or old.

Statistics show that this myth simply isn’t true. The average man on a Russian dating site is in his thirties or forties, with a successful career and above average income. These men usually are university graduates and own homes. They could find women easily in the United States but choose Russian women because of personal preferences and cultural differences.

Myth: Dating Russian women rarely leads to a successful relationship.

Many people assume that these long distance relationships cannot work due to separation and cultural differences. However, a recent study found that marriages resulting from Russian women dating sites such as actually are more successful. 80% of these marriages are still intact and happy years later, compared to a 50% divorce rate in the US. Dating over a long distance requires careful thought and a lot of discussion, which form the basis of a strong relationship.

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