London has Fallen – Into the Night EP


With a frantic energy London has Fallen explores the dramatic on “Into the Night”. Electronic effects are used to great purpose, nicely complementing the vocals that serve as the heart and soul of the songs. Volume is a must for these are songs that work best when blasted. They let the lyrics help form an overall narrative that permeates the collection. Using this common theme helps the collection gain an overall sense of purpose, of rising above the disappointment that can follow the end of a relationship.

“Into the Night” EP:

“What You Wanted” shows this approach quite while, as the vocals emphasize a sense of true disappointment. Here London has Fallen expresses all they gave for a person only for them to leave. On “Into the Night” the vocals appear to nearly float above the arrangements, as if the two orbit each other at first. Gradually London has Fallen brings the two elements closer and closer together until they are indistinguishable. Quieter in nature is the introspective work of “Empty Tomorrow”. Arrangements are kept sedated at first as they grew ever so delicately. Textures are magnificent on the song. The highlight of the collection the song showcases their attention to detail and keen melodic sensibilities. Ending the collection off on a strong note is the tragic beauty of “Leave Me Broken” whose insistent guitar plucks add an additional layer of tension.

By merging elements of industrial, classical, and pop, London has Fallen has created a deeply moving affectionate piece of work.

Posted by Beach Sloth