Honor By August – Four Sides


‘Honor By August’ in their latest album, ‘Four Sides’ explores four different varieties of tracks as they offer their latest version of rock to its audience. The band is essentially a quartet with Michael Pearsall as the lead vocalist, Evan Field on the guitar, Chris Rafetto on the bass and Brian Shanley on the drums. The band chose to add the word ‘August’ to their name because of the meaning it represents, which is inspiring reverence or admiration; of supreme dignity or grandeur; majestic.

In their first song, ‘Mad Mission’ you can see the reason why the band chose to name themselves by the word ‘August.’ The song in a way, does reflect the mindset of the band members. The track has a wild streak to it, somewhere showing the grandeur quality that the vocalist Pearsall talks about and even brings it to the track through his voice. Even the music, tries to live up to the band’s reputation.

While the first track manages to intrigue you enough to keep your interest in the album, the second track, ‘The Way You Move’ makes you believe that the artists have got the spark it takes to make it to the favourites. This track is about passion and you know it just about a few seconds into the track. The lyrics give the track, the needed verve to make it worth listening to.

The third track, ‘Scarecorw’ however, doesn’t add up to be a great track. If anything, the track sounds utterly familiar to a myriad artists’ work out there and doesn’t inspire any awe in you. The lyrics are fairly good, but the music doesn’t have any uniqueness to it and fails to impress you. The track lacks the charm that the first two songs possessed.

The final track, ‘Hey Mamma’ doesn’t exactly for into the genre, but is somehow better than the previous track. The song, is too mellow for an album such as this, and although it is a great song to listen to, individually, the song doesn’t have what it takes to make it a brilliant one. The track maintains a single tempo throughout, which makes it sound rather monotonous.

The album is admittedly too short to pass any proper judgement. The band plays it rather safe than experimenting with more songs and showing more variety, even in the given four songs. The band sticks to the conventional form of music and really doesn’t have anything other than the normal, to offer.

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L. Wheeler