Troy Lindsey & Bosaya – “My Heart”


“My Heart” is a cry out to the Heavens. Remarkably passionate Bosaya belts it out, letting her voice serve as the song’s core. From there the arrangement serves her perfectly orbiting around her power. Carefully selected and remarkably wild it shows the potential of a new Americana. Written and produced by Bosaya it shows exactly how free music can sound with the percussion more propulsion than properly rhythmic.

‘My Heart’

Opening up with a great sweep her voice soars above the rest of the band. Their spirited playing helps to further color in the song. With a variety of textures the production is crystal clear. Guitar strums come across like ripples on a small pond. Additional elements flow into the work like the voices which filter their way in and out of the mix, as if Bosaya is trying to achieve transcendence yet the noise of the world keeps on interfering. Drum work is balanced, veering between quiet and giving the mix the right kick when necessary. Small brushes work wonders in further painting the mix. By the finale the song simply lets it all out as the mixture comes together into a hypnotic swirl as it slowly fades away.

Veering between restraint and absolute madness, “My Heart” shows the ups and downs of falling in love. The satisfaction that is not easily achieved becomes the focal point of the piece as Bosaya moves from contentment to discomfort, trying to live in between.

Posted by Beach Sloth