Matthew Neves – “Today is the Day”


“Today is the Day” recalls the best of classic rock. With an area-sized hard rock edge this is the kind of song that really deserves to be blasted as loud as possible. Volume is an absolute must. Boisterous guitars riffs, dominating rhythms, and pitch-perfect vocal delivery make it a thing of wonder. Lyrically the song works too emphasizing a YOLO, party-centric attitude.

Matthew Neves – Today is the Day:

Absolutely no time is wasted getting started. The band kicks off in high gear, no warm up required born ready. Guitars come blaring in as loud as they possibly can. Bass helps to keep the rhythms strong as it’s understand work anchors the entire song. Summery in tone the song has a hazy hot vibe to it as it could essentially continue on forever as heat rises from the pavement. Considerable chops are shown off throughout the piece as the song manages to playfully work the overall structure, neatly weaving themselves in and out of the piece. At times their music approximates the same joy as Van Halen at their absolute pinnacle. Bringing the song to an absolute crushing finale is the blistering guitar solo that guides the song through to the fadeout.

Matthew Neves shows what partying hard might sound like on “Today is the Day”. Every element comes together to create this overall sense of hope and positivity. Few bands can sound as good or as dedicated to their craft as Matthew Neves. The world needs more like them.

Posted by Beach Sloth