If you have formed a friend online, you might be excited and looking forward to the chat sessions you have with him or her. Indeed, nowadays people are forming friends more and more online as the online world of friendships and dates has established itself. As a result, people are more acquainted with the concept of online friendships and what are the rules and norms of these relationships. As it involves a social interaction of a kind, albeit through the online media, there are certain unwritten rules to follow in order to harvest a successful friendship online.

Be Courteous

There might be youngsters who use slangs as a way of trying to be friendly and casual but, on the whole, when you are unsure of the kind of person you are chatting with in an open dating forum or a public dating forum online, it is best to be cautious of appearing courteous. It also encourages many to respond to you when they find that you appear polite through your comments.

Limit What You Share

When you are forming a friendship online, there are subtle limits to follow. As the person on the other side might not be too friendly and might want to glean out information from you and hack into your accounts, you need to be careful as to what you divulge about yourself. For this reason many people keep their identity hidden. You could also choose a username or a fictitious profile name for yourself with which you engage in chat conversations with others on a dating forum.

What You Can Ask

When you have initiated a conversation with someone, you might want to know a lot about that person. You would want to know the sex of the person, the age, interests, education level and so forth. However, general questions can form the starting point of your conversation. For instance, which country you are from, which city you live in, what do you do – these are general questions that anyone would ask and it does one no harm. Of course, all information obtained about the other person needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, that is, her or she might not be telling the truth.

How To Keep It Going

If the person chats in a way, or shares information that makes you want to know more, do phrase your questions in a polite manner. You can show interest, but not too much. It does not work when you come across too nosy. If the other person is interested in chatting with you, he or she will ping you back on other days too. You need to give a cyber friendship time to develop in order to know that the other person is interested as well.

Develop The Trust

By revealing true facts about yourself, you can encourage the other person to open up as well. That is risky as well, but the only way to take a cyber relationship forward. By sharing details on what you work on, how you spend your time, what interests you have, you can reveal more about yourself and gain the trust of the other person.

A blend of truth and discretion is necessary to harvest any true relationship online and practical experience will only lead the way. The expertise of a leading dating site like is sure to help those who are looking to find like minded friends and love interests. The clean interface and video friendly site attracts many people on the site.