JR Simmons – “This Country Town”


“This Country Town” celebrates the joy of living far away from the city. With a dreamy vocal delivery JR Simmons describes in exquisite detail the sense of community that exists in small communities. Nature plays a pivotal role within the lyrics as JR Simmons shows the greatest amount of affection for things like rivers, dirt roads, air, and the cleanliness of the place itself. Optimism flows through the entire piece as he shows the many benefits of being far away from the noises of the urban environment.

“This Country Town”

Right from the beginning of the song is an interesting mix of electronic and country music. With the synthesized work introducing the piece it seems to be a perfect reflection of the countryside as an escape from the artificial. JR Simmons emphasizes this as he lets a lot of the electronics fall out of the mix for a brief moment giving the song a sense of clarity. As the piece progresses the electronics play a tasteful counterbalance to the overall comfortable sense of purpose the song possesses. Things are used very lightly from the handclaps to the percussive elements. Much of the song feels like a country song re-imagined. Such an approach certainly describes the overall sweetness that the lyrics reflect from everyone knowing each other and the advantages of living in a tight-knit community.

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JR Simmons lights the path towards a modern, dreamy variation on the joys of going out to the country.


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